125 Best Bingo Sites UK December 2022

Why choose WDW’s Bingo Sites UK command centre?
We have collated a one stop shop to find the most important information in one place. Though our entire website offers a smorgasbord of general (and some rather niche) information, we decided to distil the essence of our site onto one page. This is for the discerning bingo player on the go or the brand-new player who doesn’t know where to start.

First, we’ll go through the logic of this page. We believe we’ve targeted the most crucial things that you want to know, and laid them out right here. If you have any further suggestions for us, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We’re thirsty to know what you’re craving.

Top 125+ Bingo Sites – The Ultimate List Criteria
Obviously, we have plenty of rankings based on different criteria on a multitude of different category pages throughout the site. This can be based on the type of offer or the type of software. However, on this page, we’ve put together a definitive selection based on EVERYTHING.

* Design? Check
* Quality of Welcome Offer? Check
* Bingo Room Variety? Check
* Loyalty Schemes and Ongoing Promotions? Check
* Slots & Games? Check

And there’s so much more. All the bingo sites worth knowing about right now are on the page.

Find the Right Brands for You
Our bingo sites page is designed to show you everything, then help you slim down to the best bingo sites even quicker. This is the unique approach of our bingo comparison site to help you find what you’re looking for according to your own preferred criteria.

All you have to do is check the criteria in our listings. This way, you can disregard the dead weight brands that you have no particular interest in. We have chosen features based on what we know WDW players are most interested in. We’ve split these features into the broad categories of recency, welcome offer, and how well your funds are protected. For example, you can check bingo sites by how new they are and you can even search by the latest, hottest releases.

Quality of Welcome Bonus
We’ve been running this site for years so we know a bit about what it is that you want. These are what you look for in offers:

* £5 Deposit Offers – WDW’s bread and butter, we’ve been providing you with the best and most exclusive £5 deposit offers since our launch in 2013. We’ve been striking deals with the best Dragonfish & Virtue Fusion providers and currently we have sick exclusive £5 offers with sites as diverse as Buzz Bingo all the way through to Bingo Idol. Filter out the bad deals immediately.
* No Wagering Offers – This is really the new frontier of bingo bonusing. Consumers like that these are transparent and tangible welcome deals where you don’t have to play through inordinate wagering requirements in order to see a single penny of your bonus.
* Bingo Bonus – If you are looking for a bonus that is strictly for bingo play, then you can find those sites immediately.
* Free Spins – Likewise, if you really like some free spins attached to your welcome offer then you can find these quicker.

Funds Protection
Players may not necessarily know this but different bingo sites actually have different levels of protection for your money. The UK Gambling Commission actually gives each brand a rating from Low to High in terms of how you are protected should something happen to the company that runs your bingo site. Obviously, you’ll want to find sites that’ll get your money back to you whatever the weather. In worse case scenario planning, a low insolvency protection rating means that should the site go bust, you may never see your money again.

With this filter, you can find the stand-up sites that’ll protect your finances, even if the worst should happen. Again, this is a feature that is entirely unique to WDW Bingo – you just won’t find that ease of information with our competitors.

Articles – Nourishment for the Mind
We also feature a section of the best, most informative articles from across our website in one place on this page. You can find out more with a click on any bingo subject that you can think of. We have articles about the different types of online bingo and how to play them. We have an article that features the Best Online Bingo Payouts, where each brand is given a score out of 100 for its pay out capabilities. In addition, we have super informative and in depth explorations of the mechanics, data and probabilities of online bingo. Our “Is online bingo fixed?” article answers all your questions and should hopefully put to rest any conspiracies or apprehensions you have about the trustworthiness of online bingo sites.

Plus, we always want to empower our players with more information, so if there are subjects that you think are untouched, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

Top Promotions for UK Bingo Sites
Competitions, Tournaments, Loyalty Bonuses, Races, Daily Spins…. in this section, we show you the best promotions of the moment on some of our favourite bingo sites. Obviously, players are frequently looking for the best welcome offers, and there are plenty of those on this page! Sometimes, however, you might want to look a bit further below the surface.

These promotions can range from a few free spins to an all expenses paid vacation in the Caribbean for two. The possibilities are literally endless. And we’ll update them frequently to give you the best of what you could be getting once you’ve already signed up to a bingo site. It might even be the thing that tips you over the edge and convinces to sign up. We certainly hope so.

Special Offers of the Week
These are a selection of the hottest and best deals that we are promoting at the moment. These change every week as we want to keep them up to date.

Because we are a broad church here at WDW, these may not strictly just be bingo sites – we may include the odd cheeky slots site as well. This is because we know that many of our bingo players are big fans of slots and games as well bingo. But don’t worry, the top 125+ bingo sites UK rankings themselves are pure.

WDW Bingo: What’s in the name?
Here at WDW Bingo, we like to celebrate success. Our website is named after one of bingo’s most famous acronyms… WDW. It stands for Well Done Winners – the declaration that the bingo caller will make at the end of a game.

In one of our featured articles, Online Bingo Lingo: A Guide, you can find the details of all of these bingo abbreviations so you can play while being in the know. GLA!

Beyond Bingo: Online Slots & Games
Contributed by Dale Shelabarger

Most of the best operators now feature online slots as part of their overall gaming package. The reasons are fairly simple. They provide an exciting alternative to standard bingo and are a great way to kill time while you wait for a bingo room to become available.

These games aren’t just thrown in as an afterthought, though. Today, any bingo specialist worth its salt will offer an expansive range of carefully selected slots in multiple categories. As a result there’s a good chance you’ll come across an excellent array of three-reel and five-reel games as well as progressive jackpots.

Popular Slots at Bingo Sites
Cutesy slots such as Fluffy Favourites and Rainbow Riches tend to go down very well with bingo boffins. A lot of this has to do with their colourful, cuddly themes. What’s more they’re relatively easy to play, making them ideal for casuals looking for an undemanding bout of reel-spinning between bingo sessions.

But not all bingo enthusiasts will be satisfied with simplicity when playing online slots. This is why the top bingo sites usually serve their customers with the very latest cutting-edge slots. Variants from the Megaways and Daily Drop series are fairly typical examples. And it’s the same with progressive jackpots – millionaire makers from Netent (Mega Fortune) and Microgaming (Mega Jackpots) often grace game lobbies.

Online Slot Promotions
The vast majority of promotions will include a slots bonus as well. In fact, as testament to the growing importance of online slots, they’re now central to many bingo-based allurements.

Free spins are by far the most popular perk and are almost always attached to a sign-up deal of one sort or another. While these aren’t quite as generous as some of the bonus spins that you might find at an online casino, there are still plenty of competitive deals out there. It’s often just a case of doing your research. See the operators above for some pointers!

Match bonuses are extremely common too, although a lot of these tend to be reserved for bingo games. However, a few operators feature bundled match bonuses for bingo and slots play.

Wagering Free Slot Promotions
As with online casino-land, some of the most coveted slot bonuses among bingo players are those free of wagering rules. Admittedly, such promotions are like shark’s teeth. But they do exist. If you don’t believe us, see Buzz Bingo!

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