6 Slot 3120223152022 Custom Template Set Build System

Custom Template Set Build -Your Vision, Your Design, Your Templates, Your Guitar

Q: How do I get my custom guitar idea turned into a full set of templates?

A: In it most basic steps:

1) You send us all the information and design of your custom guitar.

2) We turn that into a full set of MGW templates with all the safety, precision and repeatability that makes our templates the closest thing to a manual CNC.

3) You build the guitar of your dreams, it turns into the dream guitar of millions of guitar players around the world and people start calling you the (insert name of your favorite guitar guru here) of this generation.

What is included in my custom set?

There are six standard templates in the set.

* Front body with safety grips
* Large neck pocket/mortise
* Back body
* Neck
* Fretboard
* A wildcard in case you need it

What if I need more than 6 template?

No problem additional templates are $45-$65 depending on what they are.

Q: Okay I’m in, what’s next?

Here are the steps below:

* Choose an open slot that fits your schedule and buy it.

* Download the build sheet and fill it out completely, the more information the better. Especially the detailed description of your vision of your guitar

* BEFORE the start date of your slot send all the information you have, the completed signed build sheet, detailed vision of your guitar and any other details we need to complete your project

* Once everything has been received, Steve will go through it with a fine tooth comb, communicating with you via email and phone as needed to be sure nothing is missing

* You will receive a prototype drawing of your template set for your review. This is the time for any revisions to be made

* Additional revisions will be charged at $65/hr which I why we encourage you to have everything ready in the beginning

* Any revisions will be made and the final proof will be sent

* Once approved your template set will be put in the production schedule and will be made asap

* Your set gets shipped out and you are make sawdust!

Some Houskeeping

We developed this system to keep things organized and moving forward in a timely manor. Up until the day your slot starts it is 100% refundable. On the date your slot starts it is no longer refundable. If you can’t get things together or you aren’t ready, no problem, let us know and we will move you to either the next available or an open slot that’s better for your schedule.