7 Affordable ReadyToWear Lines To Own

(Granted a few will argue about cost of production while some will present made to measure coming at a higher cost and so on). A lot of people miss this but some of these brands also come affordable.

They say affordable is relative but where you have piece crafted with quality fabrics, tailoring is spot on, finishing is top notch, comes almost tailor made to fit like glove amongst other bits and those fall under N10,000-N15,000 -for body tops to body suits, well tailored pants and skirts, dressy dresses then that’s not bad at all, wouldn’t you agree (ladies?)

Made in Nigeria (check), weather friendly (check), easy/ready to wear (check), affordable (check). In no particular order let’s hook you up with some of these affordable brands shall we:

Maju is the ultimate online destination for everything trendy. The brand has dominated the space for affordable R-T-W piece in recent times and with pieces priced from N5,000 and N2000 when it goes on sale then that’s one to check out.

2. TNL (Things Nigerians Love)

Things Nigerians Love (TNL) is a womenswear brand out of Nigeria with loads of chic fashion pieces to choose from. For dresses, bodysuits, shoes and more available online at reasonable prices.

Lady Biba is another reasonably priced brand. The brand designs a lot of workwear, ‘boss lady’ styles in the most contemporary way and for ladies who love a modern twist on workwear especially the brand is one to go to at an affordable cost.

Fablane By Derin came to change the made to measure status quo. The brand started off making standout pieces for friends of the brand until it because the go to place for trendy pieces.

Wanni Fuga just like Fablane By Derin started off making trendy pieces for the modern lady and friends of the brand. They work on unique pieces that come functional and their pieces are quite affordable.

TokaToka Lagos is less than two years old but the brand started off with great pieces at an affordable price. It still maintains the modern and fresh styles it’s known for.

Amarelis is one brand prices reasonably. The brand makes functional and chic pieces. Their dressy offerings are priced from 10k which isn’t bad at all.

8. DEAT (Ejiro Amos Tafiri’s Diffusion line)

Ejiro Amos Tafiri’s diffusion line is reasonably priced too. With well tailored body tops from 7k, it’s a brand to snag pieces from.

Xtamaliy is another brand to get to know. Their offerings including cool pants, bodytops, dresses and bomber jackets are priced from 8,500.

Caveat Emptor- As at the time of writing this reports, these prices were confirmed, prices are however subject to change at the total discretion of the brand.