Ainsworth King Chameleon Free Online Slot Game Review Video Guide

King Chameleon slot machine game by Ainsworth gaming offers a visual treat to players who play within the game’s wonderful and exciting interface. The theme of the game is about a Chameleon which is considered the most amazing lizard creature known for being able to change it’s colour’s at will.

King Chameleon slot machine game contains 100 paylines, which spans over 5 reels and across 3 rows. The characters follow the theme of the game.

The game contains 10 symbols. Among the symbols, the inclusions are the bonus, regular and low payout symbols.

* Bird: This is the highest payout symbol of the lot, which occupies the topmost among the symbols of the game and pays off 3.00 coin credits when it occupies the entire slot. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 1 and 0.25 coin credits respectively.
* Raccoon: This symbol occupies the slot like that of the bird symbol, and has exactly the same amount of payoffs.
* Frog: This symbol is the next highest payoffs, which gives away 1.50 coin credits for filling the entire reel set. For occupying 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 0.8 and 0.15 coin credits respectively.
* The Golden Tortoise: This symbol occupies the next higher payout levels and pays off 1.5 coin credits for appearing 5 times in the reel set. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the coin payout for the symbol are 0.8 and 0.15 coin credits respectively.
* Butterfly: This is the last of all the symbols, and contains a payout, which is related to the tortoise symbols completely.
* Low Payout Symbols: The low payout symbols of the game is the regular playing card symbols, which spans from 9 to Ace and the maximum payouts for the symbol is 0.75 coin credits.

Bonus Games and Features
* Wild: The Wild symbol of the game is an image of the Chameleon. The symbol is an independent asset and only works as a trump symbol. This substitutes all the other symbols of the game, except for the scatters.
* Scatters: The scatter symbol is a tree symbol, which has a payoff of 100 coin credits, when the entire slot is filled with the same symbol. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 10 and 2 coin credits respectively. Apart from the coin credit payouts, the scatters are responsible for triggering free spin rounds.
* Free Games feature: In the beginning, 8 free spins are won instantly, when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. During the free games feature, each of the symbol position on reels 3, 4, and 5 will spin independently. Gold Chameleon feature appears on reel 3, and this works as a Wild and substitutes all other symbols.

Concluding King Chameleon
King Chameleon online slot machine game by Ainsworth Gaming is a wonderful example of adaptation by the developers. The theme of the game is beyond words and the jackpot features are assured to bring out numerous new player’s in the future.

**Review of the free online PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android version of Ainsworth King Chameleon slots**

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