Best Online Casinos Real Money Sites In 2022

The 2019 pandemic was terrible, and it caused the shutdown of a lot of things – like traditional casinos. This led to the new concept of online casinos – a fast and easy way to make money. But be warned, you can lose all that money and more in the same amount of time or less.

The process is so easy now. All you need to do is search on the internet for the top online casino sites, and all that glory is one click away. But with so many options, how do you choose the best online casino to play at with real money?

Well, you don’t have to, because we did it for you. We have listed below some of the best online casinos that offer real money, the best poker games, and progressive jackpots to win.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the world of gambling online.

Our Top 7 Picks For Real Money Online Casinos
#1. Ignition Casino – Best Overall In Online Casinos, Editor’s Choice
Ignition Casino was launched in 2016, and since then, it has been declared the king of poker games. The quality it offers for poker games is truly admirable.

Ignition Casino entered the world of gaming only a while ago, and its success in such a short time is quite impressive. It has been the only casino site with a loyal fanbase for the longest. Ignition Casino hit the heights of success when it opened its gates for international players, as initially, it was only available to the players of the US.

Now, Ignition Casino has loyal online casino players from over 50 states, and it’s flourishing as well as ever.

Quality: The quality Ignition casino offers beyond praise. The game’s graphics are so vibrant, high quality, and wonderful to look at – it almost feels like a 3D experience. These are the best for a fun-filled visual adventure.

Interface: Ignition casino offers a straightforward, easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand. It uses a social highlighting feature that highlights any text you search. This makes finding a specified portion of text and using the website easier.

Security: Ignition Casino uses top-notch, highest-quality security systems. It is almost impossible for anyone to hack these, and it also uses the latest technologies. The site is also end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that your data is safe while on the site.

Games: Ignition casino has a huge variety of games. You need an entire day simply to scroll through them. The quality is even better – it feels like a real-time experience.

* * Offers Crypto payment method

* * Over 30 progressive jackpots

* * Extraordinary customer service

* * International players are not allowed

* * Exclusive poker games are paid

=> Click here to visit the official website of Ignition Casino

#2. Bovada – Most Recommended For User-Friendly Interface
Bovada was launched in 2011 and is known to be one of the best online casinos. What sets it apart from other top online casinos is its variety of gaming options. You get whatever you want, be it poker, slots, live games, etc.

The best part is that Bovada is SSL encrypted, making it one of the safest gaming sites to use. It also uses the best graphics for games that are available, and this makes playing games much more fun, making you feel like a real part of the game.

What’s more, is that Bovada offers hefty bonuses for its users, and these are unlike what you might have seen on other sites. It offers a $3000 welcome bonus and up to $6000 for VIP bonuses. If you can spare extra money, it is a wonderful site for playing online casino games.

Game Collection: Bovada has one of the most extensive game collections among other online casinos. They have every game you can think of, and everything is divided into its respective category. Whether it’s fantasy, fiction, fashion, action, etc., Bovada offers the best of everything.

Interface: Bovada offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. The graphics are just fine, and the site is easy to navigate. It’s swift to pick movements, and the loading speed is as fast as possible.

Customer Service: Bovada has customer support. Their team is so efficient, helpful, and active that you are sure to get your problem solved in less than 24 hours.

Reviews: The reviews on Bovada’s site are one of a kind. People are so impressed with their services you will barely find any negative reviews.

* * Best live and poker games

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bovada

#3. Cafe Casino – Large Selection Of Online Casino Games
Cafe Casino was launched in 2016 and has a huge variety of slot games that are played and loved by users worldwide. It is one of the most well-known and esteemed gaming sites, especially because of its wonderful reviews.

Its interface is so simple and easy to use, and it houses the largest variety of casino games. Cafe Casino was licensed soon after its launch and works with popular programmers like Rival Gaming, etc. It also offers the best kind of bonuses one could expect.

The only downside is the increasing level of difficulty in all games, which can sometimes be tough to compete.

Payment Methods: Cafe Casino offers multiple payment methods that you can choose for billing and making your first deposit. These are also available to international players. It also accepts Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc., which are more privileged.

Security: Cafe Casino offers one of the highest security patterns among all other casinos. Their site is end-to-end encrypted and uses the latest technology. You can trust them with your money and all your personal information easily.

Game Library: Cafe Casino games are truly remarkable. The quality and graphics are so good you can’t take your eyes away. Their collection needs some improvement, but the fun and adventure-filled games they already have made up for all that lack.


* * Massive variety of slot machines

* * Reliable customer service

* * Game collection could be better

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cafe Casino

#4. BitStarz – Welcomes With Huge Bonuses
BitStarz was introduced in 2014, and since then, it has left no stone unturned in making its mark in the gambling world. In fact, BitStarz was the first online casino site to use Cryptocurrencies and BTC as payment methods.

It was then that the other casinos followed in pursuit. Even after all these years, it still stands tall. BitStarz also offers hefty bonuses for its customers, including deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses, welcome bonuses, and even reload bonuses.

Interface: BitStarz has one of the best interfaces among other casinos. Their games are so easy to play, and the site is so easy to navigate – a person with no computer knowledge should also be able to use them.

Security: BitStarz honors and respects the privacy of its customers. This is why it uses the best security features and has the site end-to-end encrypted. They protect your personal information like their own.

Customer Service: BitStarz offers remarkable customer service. Their staff is so well trained, you will find them to be available at all times, utterly active and helpful. You can ask them to solve any problem, and it should be done in less than 24 hours.

Payment Methods: BitStarz offers the highest number of modes for payments. You can make transactions through Crypto like BTC, ETH, etc., or use the Mastercard or VISA. This makes using BitStarz a lot more feasible for players around the world.

* * Accepts various cryptocurrencies

* * Efficient customer service

* * Straightforward interface

* * Particular regard for BTC users

* * Relatively new to the market

=> Click here to visit the official website of BitStarz

#5. 7Bit Casino – Best For Crypto Gaming
7Bit Casino entered the world of gambling only a while ago. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption and an easy-to-use interface with 24/7 customer support. They also offer multiple types of payment methods. You can choose between Crypto and fiat gaming, and they accommodate you accordingly.

7Bit Casino also offers hefty bonuses every now and then. It is most famous for the welcome bonuses they offer. As for customer service, there is no lie in saying 7Bit Casino has one of the best customer services that any online website offers. Their team is so active and knowledgeable they can help you with anything in seconds.

Bonuses: 7Bit Casino offers hefty bonuses every now and then to its loyal players. It is known to have given a $7000 VIP bonus once and competitive welcome and deposit bonuses.

Game Library: 7Bit Casino has the most extensive game library that an online casino site offers. Not only that, it offers regular jackpot slots worth thousands of dollars. You need a lot of time simply to check out their games, let alone play them.

Reviews: The reviews on 7Bit Casino’s site are one of a kind. People love their website and are utterly impressed with their services. Their reviews will surely leave you stunned too.

Security: 7Bit Casino has SSL-encrypted sites, and their developers are always on the go. Moreover, it uses the latest technologies and the highest security systems.

* * Variety of cryptocurrency acceptance

* * Regular international tournaments

=> Click here to visit the official website of 7Bit Casino

#6. Wild Casino – Best For Poker Games
Wild casino stepped into the world of gambling more than three decades ago, and even today, it’s standing as firm as always. Its interface and the theme are precisely the same as it sounds – wild and pretty scary. The wild casino is most famous for its poker games and the hefty bonuses it offers every now and then.

The wild casino has the best security systems, and its site is end-to-end encrypted. There is no chance of unauthorized access at all, and you can trust that your personal information is safe on their site.

Payment Methods: Wild Casino offers a wide variety of payment methods to choose from. Whether you like paying via Crypto, VISA, Master Card, or anything else, they have it. Their transactions for BTC are especially fast and efficient.

Game Library: Wild Casino has a huge game library filled with the best games you can think of. They have games in all categories, and they are adding new games every day, improving their gaming services.

Interface: Wild Casino has the most wonderful interface. Unlike other standard interfaces, Wild Casino has a wild interface with a forest theme. This makes playing all the more fun, vivid, and real.

Customer Support: Wild Casino’s customer support is truly remarkable. They have the kindest and most helpful sitting across the helpline. The team is always ready when the need is, and they offer the most helpful solutions to your problems and are proactive.

Latest Technology: Wild Casino uses the latest technology for its site, so you can be assured you will get the best online casino gaming experience.

Reviews: The reviews for Wild Casino are amazing – they will win your heart. People love their services and the quality of their games so much that Wild Casino’s website is filled with positive comments.

* * Cryptocurrency Acceptance

* * Hefty wagering requirements

* * The variety of games is limited

=> Click here to visit the official website of Wild Casino

Super Slots is one of the best online casinos, and even that is an understatement. It is the only online casino that offers a 400% return back on your first BTC deposit – isn’t that amazing? Moreover, you get a 200% bonus if you refer the site to a friend and they join in.

The best part is the payment methods they offer. From Crypto to typical methods, they have it all, including Lite coin, Stellar, BTC, ETH, and so much more. It is so flexible and can accommodate a variety of things. This flexibility attracts players from all over the world, and this is why it has a huge fanbase today.

Quality: The quality of Super Slots games is famous worldwide. Their graphics are to die for, and the speed of their site makes you want to explore everything they have. The best part is that they continuously strive to make the quality better and add new features.

Payment Methods: Super Slots offers a variety of payment methods you can choose from, and each one is better than the other. Rumour has it that the best payment method for their website is PayPal which is the most used.

Mobile App: Super Slots only recently launched their mobile gaming app. The app is truly incredible and offers excellent ease of use.

Bonuses: Super Slots offers some of the heftiest bonuses any online casino gives. Their welcome bonuses are especially famous, and they have also increased the cash prizes for the deposit bonus and VIP bonuses.

Security: Super Slots offers high protection with its site end-to-end encrypted and bots proctoring the site at all times. Also, it uses the latest technology, which makes it all the more secure for storing personal information.

Interface: The interface of Super Slots is genuinely remarkable. Their site is so simple to understand and navigate. This makes it the best online casino for people who don’t have much gambling knowledge.

* * Games are compatible with mobile devices

* * Extra bonuses for BTC users

* * Minimum deposit requirements

=> Click here to visit the official website of SuperSlots

How We Made This List Of Best Real Money Online Casinos
To make this list, we searched the internet for the best online casinos that offer real money games. After hours of scanning and scrutinizing, we listed down the 15 most popular real money casinos.

We studied each casino closely and looked for any faults we could find. Upon this, we eliminated the casinos that did not meet our standards. m

We then evaluated the remaining casinos for factors like quality, interface, collection of games, security, etc. After cutting out the best online gambling sites that didn’t live up to our expectations, we finalized the top 7 online casino sites.

A comprehensive insight into the factors we looked for is as follows:

What We Looked For
* * Brand Reputation: the first thing we looked for in each online gambling site was its reputation. A good, well-managed casino is always recognized for its reputation, which follows it everywhere. We examined each website’s reviews and searched around to know where our selected casinos stand.

* * Quality: We looked for the quality of each online casino site. This includes looking into the graphics, the speed of the website, etc. We thoroughly checked the security system of each website to ensure they were using the latest technologies and had end to end-encrypted sites. To this effect, we chose our top 7 online casinos.

* * Game Library: We checked each website’s game collection and ensured they had the best, most wonderful, and largest collection of online games. These included online slots, live dealer games, jackpot slots, poker games, table games, and a lot more. To this end, we chose the best online casinos.

* * Interface: The most important part of any online casino is its interface. We made sure that the interface of each selected casino is top-notch, offers the best features, and is straightforward.

* * Customer Service: We thoroughly surveyed the customer service of each casino. It matters a lot when you get stuck somewhere and need immediate help. We also tested the national gambling helpline, and it was really active and helpful.

* * Payment Methods: We ensured that each casino offered at least three different payment methods. This is because, in international games, players from some countries cannot access all payment methods. To this effect, we chose the best online casinos.

* * Bonuses: We also looked for the bonuses each casino offers. These include deposit bonuses, winning bonuses, reload bonuses, welcome bonuses, and so much more. To this effect, we chose the best online casino sites that offered the best casino bonuses.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Real Money Online Casino
Before you invest in your first online casino, there are a set of factors you need to consider. Although there is an entire sea of new games and casinos launching every other day, there are only so many of these that are true to their word.

Most people create fake online casinos, and in disguise for deposit money, they loot you. And once you give in the details of your account, you’re in real danger. They block your account after they get what they want, and it can be really troublesome.

So, to avoid this, it is better to do your research beforehand. This is why we have jotted down a list of important points that you can use to make your gambling experience better. These are as follows:

The first thing you need to check before investing in an online casino is the reputation and authority it holds in the gambling industry. This makes a huge difference in the quality and service you will receive.

Moreover, it gives you a sense of relief and confidence that the service is reliable and can be trusted. So, look for online casino sites that are respected among others and are well known for the services they offer.

The next thing you need to consider is the interface of the website you are choosing. If you like the casino and decide to stick with it for a while, the interface is the main thing you will be facing. And a bad interface can ruin your entire gaming experience.

So, search for an online casino that is good at everything they do.

The security of a website should be your top priority. This is because the site contains your personal information like credit card details, email, and even contact numbers. However, most online casinos today use the latest technologies and are end-to-end encrypted with no hacking chance whatsoever.

This gives a sense of comfort as you know your important details aren’t at stake. Most of the sites have this installed today, but it is better to check for any loopholes yourself.

The license of a casino makes a big difference, and you should always only stick to licensed casinos. It’s not that gambling is illegal, but in case anything goes wrong, you’d have the leverage of the site being licensed, at least.

Most casinos have their licenses shown on the first page, but in case, you can always ask them to let you have a look.

Reviews are by far the most important thing. They tell you facts about a site that no one else will. Make sure to sift through all the reviews once and then make your decision. Select the casino with the highest number of reviews.

The terms & conditions hold great importance when gambling. Make sure to read or at least sift through the terms & conditions before accepting them and adding in the details. Many times people have signed up for things they didn’t know were there simply because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. Having knowledge of what you are signing up for is very important.

FAQs On Online Casinos
Are online casinos safe to use?
Yes, most of the top online casinos are safe to use as they are highly encrypted and protected. No authorized access can view or steal information. Moreover, more and more online casino games are becoming legal, especially in the US.

Are online casinos legal?
Yes, they are legal. They have placed a restriction on buying sportsbooks, etc., as they are not accessible to the general public. But other than that, things are good to go.

In fact, the US government is letting each state decide for its own people as they want to give authority to states. As of now, gambling and real money casino games have been legalized in places like Arizona, Tennessee, Maryland, Colorado, and a few others.

In the pipeline are Connecticut, Ohio, and other states that are working their way toward completely legalizing gambling.

How do you play slot games?
There is no defined skill set that you need to learn to play and win best online slot games. These are more random kinds of fun and don’t have any standard pattern. However, regardless of where you’re going, you should always have a trick or two in your pocket.

These include knowing which game to choose, how to assess the situation, and how to know your opponents. Firstly, when playing slots, try to always choose the video slots with the highest RTP (Return to Player). It has its own benefits, but an additional advantage is that you get confidence at the very start and get a sense of the game.

Secondly, keep an eye out for the table. Be alert and vigilant as to how others are replaying, what terms are being used, the movements and tension in the environment, and how you can use this to your advantage.

Thirdly, know when to bet in. The worst thing you can do to your game is put in all the money at the start of the game. This approach is considered extremely incorrect, and it is advised to invest your money with each passing round to evaluate the situation.

Lastly, read the faces of the people in front of you. It tells you more than you can listen. What is in their hands shows on their face. A true poker master is one who can read the faces of his opponents.

How many kinds of bonuses are there?
Even if you don’t win any significant prizes, playing online casino games offers so many bonuses every now and then that you feel fine with that too. Generally, there are three main kinds of bonuses. Welcome bonus, reload bonus and deposit bonus.

What is a welcome bonus?
Welcome bonuses are common for almost all online casinos. You get one when you sign up for an account and play for the first time. Most online casinos offer a generous welcome bonus upon joining the site. You may get a chance in the jackpot slots, free spins, or even Bitcoin cash, as in the welcome bonus.

What is a reload bonus?
As evident from the name, a reload bonus is offered to a player when they reload their account or deposit cash in it again. However, these are not as common and are not offered every time. Moreover, the rules for utilizing them are also very lenient, and you have many choices to use them as you like.

What is a deposit bonus?
You get a deposit bonus when you make a minimum deposit in your account. You may get a 25%, a 50%, or even a 100% bonus on your deposit amount. However, the bonus comes with a bunch of rules and regulations you must adhere to while using it in the game.

Final Thoughts: How Popular Are Online Casinos?
Online casinos have taken over the gambling world like a tsunami. They are prevailing in the society with each passing day, and it is only a matter of time before there remains no trace of traditional gambling sites anymore.

And that seems very plausible because online casinos are so much more feasible than traditional ones and offer a variety of things that you can do. You can play your favorite live casino games, win online poker tournaments, play video poker games and specialty games and win real money.

Apart from this, there is so much else you can do. You get a completely paperless environment, no cash, no physical interaction or embarrassment chances, and even free gambling addiction resources. The best part is that the filthy rich people of this world prefer playing bitcoin casino games online as they get more chances of winning.

If you plan to get a taste of what online gambling sites offer, make sure to check out our reviews on the best real-money casinos above. You might just land the one you will love.

That brings us to the end of this post. We hope this article answers all your questions. Happy Playing!