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Being ambassadors to the UK & Ireland’s casino industry comes with its perks and its challenges. Unlike many other guides who can hide behind a computer screen, as slot and casino streamers we pride ourselves on looking after the customers we promote.

This is why you can rest assured all the established, as well as new UK casinos we promote, are the most reputable brands on the internet. At Fruity Slots, we have created a community of like-minded Fruit casino players who are looking for new and exciting slots sites to get stuck into!

We Are Casino Streaming Professionals
Our team of casino streaming professionals are constantly playing and reviewing the best and newest casino slots on the market. Giving you, the viewer, the chance to see the new games being played at the best UK online casinos.

Our expertise is in the whole spectrum of online casino, especially slots, cannot be challenged as the majority of the team are not only gamblers themselves but have worked in the online gambling industry for many years.

The feedback we have received since we launched the website in 2018 has been immense and the support for our channel has grown.

We learn from our audience, who in many cases are bigger fans of online slots than we are unbelievably.

Whether you are an ex-casino player and just enjoy watching the slots letting us generate the ‘buzz’ so to speak. Or you are an avid slots player, then look no further than us for your slots fix

Many of our viewers tell us that we provide enough entertainment to stop them needing to gamble themselves.

Which of course fills us with lots of joy as we are here to give you a good time! We produce all this content for our viewers! After all of these years and hours spent on gambling and slots, we’re safe to call ourselves experts.

Streaming Since2017Casino streamers3Total Giveaways£90,000+Early Releases, Exclusive Bonuses
Fruity Slots also have some very strong relationships with slot game providers who often give us early release access to games.
They also go together with the casinos to offer no deposit free spins to our audience in some form of competition as the providers appreciate. Even better, we offer free giveaways to our members. You can read more about them further down.

There is no better feedback platform than from reputable casino streaming enthusiasts.

Working closely with the game providers helps us provide insights and feedback so that we add value to both the casinos, game providers and our audience.

UK’s Favourite Casino Community
FruitySlots has fast become one of the UK & Ireland’s favourite casino communities. Led by a team of 3 slot streamers with huge personalities and knowledge, driven by a passion for slots and casino streaming.

There is no better way to build a casino community than through streaming.

The whole emphasis of online streaming is to create community amongst like-minded people also heavily interested in the best online slots.

YouTube Subscribes41,000Twitch Subscribes9,000+Twitter Folowers3000+Casino Streaming is What We Do
Through streaming and video content channels such as YouTube and Twitch, we were able to create a wonderful community. Our members now get the chance to participate in the Fruityslots forum, add their casino big win pictures and take part in our many big giveaways.

All this is run from our website and judging by the huge number of big win pictures we see uploaded to the site, it really emphasises the community side of Fruityslots.

Scotty who is one of our casino streamers was one of the first members of our casino community and it just shows the closeness between us that he was able to make a seamless transition to the streamer for

The UK and Ireland casino community is very special and it is growing rapidly due to the number of players who love online casinos.

Our casino streams and the video content is something that we are proud of. There is a huge content library on FruitySlots for all our past casino videos where you can rewatch our casino streams or catch our biggest wins on your favourite slots.

We do monthly round-ups of all the biggest wins that month and add videos to the site and Youtube daily.

These are some of our favourite slots to play on the stream:

Content doesn’t sleep at FruitySlots, it just gets bigger and better!

Why Sign Up With FruitySlots?
We get asked a lot by our viewers what are benefits of joining the UK’s fastest-growing casino community and we break it down in the following:

* Provide market research
* Add your biggest win images to the site once logged in
* Participate in any free giveaways we are running
* All slot & casino reviews in one place
* Take part in our active forum

We differ in our approach from most of the casino streamers out there. Our honesty is what we hope shines through to our viewers as we don’t pretend how we make money.

Gambling is, of course, dangerous and must be done within means and that’s something we are very careful about.

At Fruity Slots, we promote all the UK regulatory bodies to help problem gamblers and we insist, on all our content that we provide you with is the safest hub to enjoy your casino experience.

Fruity Slots run many giveaways and exclusive promotions to all members of When you sign up to join our awesome casino community we encourage you to participate.

On any given month we will be doing between 3-5 giveaways where we add value to the pot and any players that join the casinos we are promoting, will have a chance to win up to £500 and they only need to deposit £20 at the promoted casino.

All the casino giveaways we run are approved by the casinos beforehand so they can expect to see more new customers joining up. The casino giveaways have grown a lot in the last year along with our community.

More Value with Promotions
In terms of exclusive promotions, we work very closely with the casinos and the game providers. As an example an exclusive slot game release is happening at ‘X’ casino, we will work both with the game provider and the casino to come up with a promotion for the game often involving giving free spins or bonus rounds on the game.

This is a great way for the slot game providers to promote their game alongside the casinos we promote. If you do not fancy giveaways end prefer juicy deposit bonuses, our page about thebest casino bonuses in the UKmight be something for you!

Something for Every Type of Gambler
Every giveaway and promotion has something for everyone. We even run non sign up giveaways meaning literally the entire FruitySlots community can get involved as long as they are registered with the FruitySlots website. We often run these around big holidays such as Xmas.

All players seem to love giveaways and promotions and why wouldn’t they?

When most people join a casino they get a bonus and off they go. With FruitySlots we offer you extra added value when you join and the potential to win some serious money.

Many viewers, do and we have had amazing testimonials from customers saying how much they enjoy getting involved in our unique offers. We even post content about unique types of casinos, such as best payout casinosfor those who like to read about payout percentages, RTP’s and house edge.

Honest Reviews – Tested and Live Streamed!
All the casino reviews are written by FruitySlots after trying out the casinos so that we can give you the best perspective and of course our opinion of the casino site.

When it comes to our casino and slot reviews, you can be assured that the reviews are as honest as possible and if there are any faults on the casino, this will be conveyed to our viewers.

We choose meticulously which casino brands we promote and we test and live stream as many brands and games as possible to provide you with the detail you require.

Live casino streaming looks a lot easier than it is and we believe it’s vitally important we do this to show you more about the casinos in question. If we are streaming at Unibet Casino for instance you can rest assured that this casino is safe to play.

Slots Reviewed900+Online Casinos Reviewed300+Stats From: May 2022Check Out our Video Content
It’s hard to sometimes only read about slot games and when having a visual stimulant like video content, it can really help when deciding if you want to play the online slot machine in question.

The best thing about being a streamer is that there is nowhere to hide and any challenges need to be faced head-on due to the audience always being in communication.

This is good for us as it means that honesty is everything and that the online casino community can only be built on trusted and honest opinions about the discussed casino or slot.

YouTube Videos965Total Views23,096,660Stats From: May 2022The online casino community and industry, in general, has been overhauled by regulation, no more so than the UK. Increased taxes on the casinos, having to provide a source of wealth has now protected many potential casino customers to lose beyond their means.

Many casinos have been fined huge sums by the UKGC which stands for United Kingdom Gambling Commission for promoting gambling in a negative way or not responsibly enough.

Stories of people getting into huge amounts of debt are not something we want to read about. And we are pleased that the UKGC has taken control of the gambling sector and made it more in favour of the player rather than the casino.

Do We Have An Edge?
Do we have an edge against the casino? No! Do we have an edge against other players vs the online casinos? Yes! With the high bonuses, we receive and low the wagering, helps us to create content for the FruitySlots channels and providing great offers to our viewers and visitors.

Overall, we are very conscious of how we promote gambling. All our videos and streams have all the regulatory bodies such as Gamstop and GamCare to offer our viewers the chance to reach out to them if they feel they have a gambling problem or gambling irresponsibly.

We regularly encourage safe casino and slots play. And encourage players to take as many breaks as possible. We even get viewers contacting us, asking for support and when we can, we do help them.

Eager to know even more about the lads behind Fruityslots? Read more About us!