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A few years have passed since the last episode of The Sopranos was aired, years after their remarkable run on TV. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, Tony Soprano was the mafia king of one of the most powerful New Jersey organized crime. And despite not tuning it, you shouldn’t worry a thing as you get inside the film itself as you play The Sopranos slot game.

As for the Soprano slot machines, well I only played this slot one time and that was at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs so do not know to much about this slot and never hit any jackpots on it but am going to give it another try when I either go back to MS or see them at another casino.

About The Sopranos Slot Game
1. The Sopranos is the slot game based on the HBO show with the same name. If you love TV-show, you will be excited by the fabulousness of this particular slot. All the excitement you are experiencing while watching the show can be brought to your screen by this fantastic slot game.
2. With The Sopranos slots, Aristocrat has firmly re-established its position as a quality games manufacturer. This game is also available as an online video slot in select online casinos that feature Aristocrat games. The TV show was aired between 1997 and 2007, and the slot game was released in 2007 by Aristocrat. How to Play & Real Money Versions.

There’s a common saying that goes, ‘crime does not pay’. However, for anyone who’s affiliated to Playtech’s The Sopranos online slot, this saying does not apply. America’s renowned crime family has made its way to the online casinos and there is a slot reserved for you to play an important role.

Join Tony Soprano, Silvio, Christopher and Paulie as they operate the New Jersey organized crime and rise the ranks of ‘our thing’ on this classic thriller. As for you, you need to collect the stolen loot through the Stolen Goods bonus game to know that you’ve indeed passed the test and ready to have a sit with the big boys!

In addition to the Stolen Goods bonus round, The Sopranos slot(s) also features two other bonus games for your enjoyment pleasure as you skink deep into the murky underworld of The Garden State. These two extra bonus rounds include the Raid and Bada Bing, which will help you earn the respect of your capo as the cash flows in.

If you feel you are ready to join the family, you should hold your horses until you’ve read through the entire review. Maybe then you’ll have a different opinion.

The Sopranos Online Slot Gameplay
The Sopranos slot game comes with a standard 5 reel by 20 payline formation. On the reels, you’ll come across several symbols depicted by characters that you are well familiar with and have come to love over the years. This include Tony Soprano, John Sacramoni, Artie Bucco, Chris Moltisanti, Salvatore Bonpensiero, and Paulie Gualtieri. We can’t also forget to mention the Bada Bing symol that appears on the middle three reels and storage containers too.

In order to win, you are required to land any of these symbols from the left most reels to the right most reel, side by side on an active payline. Depending on the symbol you’ve landed, you’ll be awarded with a low of

The Sopranos Slot(s) In-game Features
In the TV Series, there was nothing as scary and terrifying as going up against Tony Soprano and his whole crew. However, in the Sopranos slot(s) game, this is what you’d want to do. With the features listed below, you can enjoy nifty wins within a few minutes of play time.

Wild and Scatter Symbols
From the name of the game, it’s obvious that Tony Soprano features frequently in this heart-throbbing slot. He plays the role of a wild symbol and will replace all the other symbols in The Sopranos slot(s), besides the scatter. Additionally, landing five of his symbols on an active payline will award you with a top jackpot of 3,000 coins.

The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is represented by the logo of The Sopranos. When you land three of these symbols, scattered anywhere on the reels, you trigger the free spins game.

Free Spins Game
This free spins game in The Soprano slot is rather unique. It requires you to trigger it, then you enter into four game modes. These four game modes represent the different ranks in the family. When you land three Sopranos logo on the reels, you’ll find yourself in the Soldier free spins game. From here, you’ll progress through Capo, Boss and eventually the Family rank (free spins game).

The Raid Bonus Feature
This bonus game is randomly activated during any spin in the base game. Once active, you are given 4 envelopes filled with cash. Your objective then is to hide this money from the cops, once they come looking for you. There are four separate locations where you can hide the envelopes. Out of the four locations, only two are considered safe as they’ll remain unsearched during the raid. If you succeed in hiding the money, you keep it all for yourself.

Bada Bing Bonus Feature
Sopranos For Free
If you’ve watched the TV show, you’ll know there’s no other place that Tony would rather be than the Bada Bing adult entertainment establishment. Not because he loved what was on offer, but rather, because it’s where he felt safe conducting his businesses.

Sopranos Slot Machine For Sale Gunbroker
Once you’ve landed the Bada Bing symbol on the middle three reels, you automatically get a meeting with Tony – at the Bada Bing. Here, you are required to pick from five (5) of Tony’s close friends. In return, you are awarded with cash prizes. Once the meeting is over and Tony plans on meeting someone else, you can opt to pick another character, and win more cash in the process.

Sopranos Slot Machine For Sale Free
Meet Tony Soprano In The Sopranos Slot At Playtech Casinos Online
You are now ready to go out and meet Tony Soprano in the Sopranos slot machine game at any one of the Playtech casino listed here. Of course you won’t meet him in person but he’ll present himself in a manner that we are certain you’ll like – occasionally awarding you with money. It goes without saying that if you’d like to win more cash, as you play the Sopranos slot game, then you’ll strive to trigger the free spins game.

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