The Difference Between TSlot And VSlot

Multiple major industries rely on aluminum frames for creating durable, custom workplace materials. T-slot profiles are a popular type of modular framing, but it’s not the only profile companies can use to their advantage. In the right circumstances, V-slot profiles can get the job done better than T-slots. To simplify the subject, this list will break down the difference between T-slot and V-slot profiles. By taking the time to learn this information, you can make the most out of your aluminum frame systems in the workplace.

The difference between T-slot and V-slot profiles has nothing to do with T-nuts or brackets—those components will work in either profile variation. The compatibility of bearings or joints will vary, but T-nuts and brackets are more versatile. To put it simply, how T-slots and V-slots differ comes down to their shape.

The shape of a T-slot aluminum profile makes it easy and cost-effective to assemble structures for a wide range of applications, from work desks to machine guarding and beyond. When it comes to working with V-slot profiles, the assembly process is also straightforward and cost-effective. However, what makes V-slot profiles unique is how you can easily slide wheels into the frame. V-slots can act as a linear rail by allowing wheels to slide inside, providing simpler and more cost-effective motion control.

These might all sound like small differences, but they’re crucial factors to consider. The wrong profile will result in the wrong final product for your workplace needs. If you can benefit from a liner rail, a T-slot won’t get the job done. Likewise, specialized parts such as the aforementioned bearings or joints won’t be interchangeable between T-slots and V-slots. Now that you better understand T-slot and V-slot profiles, you can choose the right one when purchasing machined aluminum profiles. Although both profiles are strong, reliable, and easy-to-build, knowing how each differs will help you find the best frame for your workplace needs.