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Asiabet33 VIP Member!
Special VIP Privileges, Because you are special !

VIP Tier Eligibility & Maintenance Requirement

VIP TierTotal Accumulated DepositMembership ValidityVIP Tier Maintenance Rollover RequirementVIP Tier Maintenance Deposit RequirementClassicMYR 1,000.00Lifetime–BronzeMYR 3,000.00Lifetime–SilverMYR 10,000.001 MonthMYR 30,000.00MYR 5,000.00GoldMYR 30,000.001 MonthMYR 90,000.00MYR 15,000.00PlatinumMYR 100,000.001 MonthMYR 300,000.00MYR 50,000.00TitaniumMYR 300,000.001 MonthMYR 900,000.00MYR 150,000.00DiamondMYR 500,000.001 MonthMYR 1,500,000.00MYR 250,000.00SVIP IMYR 1,000,000.001 MonthMYR 2,400,000.00MYR 500,000.00SVIP IIMYR 3,000,000.001 MonthMYR 7,200,000.00MYR 1,500,000.00SVIP IIIMYR 5,000,000.001 MonthMYR 12,000,000.00MYR 2,500,000.00VIP Tier Benefits

VIP TierVIP Upgrade BonusVIP Weekly Free CreditVIP Weekly Cash RebateVIP Birthday RebateClassicMYR 38.00-8% (3X Rollover)MYR 18.00BronzeMYR 88.00-8% (3X Rollover)MYR 38.00SilverMYR 138.00MYR 68.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 88.00GoldMYR 388.00MYR 188.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 188.00PlatinumMYR 1,188.00MYR 388.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 388.00TitaniumMYR 2,888.00MYR 888.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 2,388.00DiamondMYR 3,888.00MYR 1,388.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 6,888.00SVIP IMYR 5,888.00MYR 2,888.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 10,888.00SVIP IIMYR 11,888.00MYR 8,888.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 18,888.00SVIP IIIMYR 18,888.00
MYR 18,888.008% (3X Rollover)MYR 28,888.00VIP TierWithdrawal PriorityDesignated Account ManagerTravel PackageSVIP Mystery GiftSVIP Customer ServiceClassicNormal—-BronzeNormal—-SilverNormal—-GoldNormal—-PlatinumHigh✔✔–TitaniumHigh✔✔–DiamondHigh✔✔–SVIP IFirst✔✔✔✔SVIP IIFirst✔✔✔✔SVIP IIIFirst✔✔✔✔Terms & Conditions :

* This promotion is applicable for all providers except for IDN Poker, LEGaming, King Maker, Citibet, PSBet and SV388.
* All Asiabet33 members will be promoted to its respective VIP tier automatically at the 1st of the month.
* All Asiabet33 VIP members are required to achieve either the “VIP Maintenance Turnover Requirement” or “VIP Maintenance Deposit Requirement” to maintain their VIP Tier.
* In the event that Asiabet33 members fail to achieve the VIP tier maintenance requirement, their VIP Tier will be updated to its respective eligibility based on rollover/deposit requirement.
* Any Asiabet33’s special bonus’ deposit and rollover will not be counted in the VIP deposit and turnover requirement.
* Asiabet33 reserves the right to alter, cancel, terminate or suspend the Redemption or any part thereof or any part of the applicable terms and conditions from time to time, with or without any prior notice.
* All Asiabet33 VIP members are only allowed to redeem Birthday Angpao 7 days before or after their birthday by submitting their Identity Card to our customer service.
* VIP Upgrade Bonus, VIP Weekly Free Credit and VIP Birthday Angpao will require 1 time turnover before any withdrawal is made.
* VIP Weekly Cash Rebate will require 3 times rollover before any withdrawal is made.
* Asiabet33 members can only claim one time VIP Upgrade Bonus a month and each VIP upgrade bonus can only be claimed once.
* VIP Weekly Free Credit will be credited on every week Monday from 12:00 P.M. GMT+8 to 3:00 P.M. GMT+8.
* VIP Upgrade Bonus will be credited on every month 3rd from 12:00 P.M. GMT+8 to 3:00 P.M. GMT+8.
* VIP Weekly Free Credit is only valid for 3 days after it is credited to your account.
* VIP credits are not allowed for Poker games. In the event that members have placed their bets in Poker games, their VIP title will be cancelled immediately.
* Maximum payout for Slot Games JACKPOT MYR 50000.
* Maximum payout for Sportsbook Special Bet (Mix Parlay,FT1X2,Correct Score) are MYR 50000.
* Asiabet33 reserves the right to terminate any duplicated account, IP Address, Full Name, Bank Account or other violations of account.
* Asiabet33 VIP’s benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any other Asiabet33 special bonus.
* Asiabet33 reserves the right to make any decision on the members’ eligibility under all circumstances.
* Asiabet33 reserves to make any changes on / cancel this promotion without any prior notice.
* Asiabet33’s General Terms & Conditions apply.