Zodiac Slot Free Chip

Saucify have produced some cracking games over the years but perhaps none has proved more consistently popular since its release than the exciting Zodiac slot game. Based, as the name suggests, on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the slot looks and sounds superb and is a great example of a higher variance 5×3 reel slot, with the standard bonus features.

The fact that you can personalize this game to make your own horoscope the highest paying symbol in the game is another positive for the slot.

Every month Zodiac is always ranked as one of the most popular Saucify games and we decided that it was time to find out why. So we decided to take a closer look and this is what we found out.

* Game: Zodiac
* Developer: Saucify Games
* Reels: 5×3
* Pay Lines: 20 (selectable)
* Minimum Bet: 0.01 (0.20 with all pay lines in play)
* Maximum Bet: 10.00
* Jackpot: 2,000
* Free Spins Bonus: Yes
* Other Bonuses: No
* Progressive: No
* Volatility: High

Where can I play the Zodiac slot?
Finding a high quality provider of Saucify games isn’t easy with so many casinos deals changing from time to time, but there is one casino out there that does offer a range of fine games from the developer, as well as some from other software developers too, as well as a great value long term starter bonus and that is Desert Nights Casino.

Once you register as a member on the site then you will be granted the first of your two starter bonuses which comes in the form of a no deposit required $10 free play bonus. This will allow you to play a number of games on the site to see what they are like.

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With an outstanding bonus offer to start you off, as well as a great selection of games available to players across the world, Desert Nights is a wise choice when looking for somewhere to play slots.

The presentation of the Zodiac slot is superb and still looks as fresh and modern as it did on the day it was released. Set against a space back drop with stars in the sky, the reels are transparent and the different symbols on the reels have been made to look like the 12 different signs of the Zodiac. Each is a different color to help differentiate between them.

The game looks and sounds superb and it is easy to see why, along with its higher variance nature, that the game is one of the most popular and appealing Saucify Games slots.

What’s on the reels?
There are just 14 symbols on the reels. Two of which are linked to the main bonus features of the slot, the Wild and the Scatter, both of which we will look at in more detail in the sections below.

The remaining 12 symbols are the signs of the Zodiac and unlike standard slots 11 of the symbols offer the same level of wins, 14 coins for three symbols, 80 for four and lastly 400 for five symbols across the reels.

However, the symbol you select as your Lucky Star sign offers the highest payouts in the game, starting at 70 coins for three symbols, 400 coins for four and a huge 2,000 coins for five across a single pay line.

Wild features
The Wild symbol is the rather sleepy looking sun, which on each of its rays has one of the 12 signs of the zodiac displayed on it. This can appear on any of the middle three reels and when you can land more than one on the reels, your chances of triggering a better value win increase markedly.

The Wild symbol also offers a 2x multiplier on any win it is a part of in the base game.

Free Spins features
The sleeping moon symbol is the Scatter symbol on the slot and it can appear across all five reels. If you land three or more of these symbols you win a cash prize which is a multiplier of your total bet. Land three and you get 2x your bet, four sees you land 20x your bet and five is 50x your bet.

In addition, you will also trigger Four, Six or Eight Free Spins respectively with the opportunity to earn more Free Spins during your bonus round if you are lucky enough. All wins during Free Spins are doubled and it is during this section that some of the biggest wins on the Zodiac slot are possible to land.

Other bonus features
Other than the bonus features outlined above the only other feature of the Zodiac slot is that at the start of the game, you can select which of the 12 signs of the Zodiac you would like as your top paying symbol. You can also re-select this symbol throughout your session on the slot if you would like to.

Best feature of the Zodiac slot
The Free Spins bonus round is the part of the slot that most players will like as there is potential there for some big value wins however I think the Wild symbol is the key aspect of the slot for me. It can be hugely important in the base game when it can land you some of those key low to mid value wins to help keep your balance topped up and the 2x multiplier applied to all Wild wins makes it great value even when you hit those lower value symbols.

What does the Zodiac slot lack?
The most obvious thing lacking from the Zodiac slot at the moment is the fact that there are no other bonus features other than the Wild symbol and the Free Spins bonus. Admittedly, as a higher variance game, I think Saucify didn’t have the scope to add too many free-paying bonus features, but I think a randomly triggered base game that offered some kind of bonus, or at least the opportunity to land one, linked in with the different star signs, would have been a nice addition. A variable Wild Multiplier also would not have been a bad addition, rather than simply a 2x win.

Zodiac is a very appealing game and it always ranks consistently highly in the most popular slots played lists each month. Saucify fans love the fact the game looks so appealing, it allows them to personalize their own star sign as the highest value symbol and it is also a high variance game which means big rewards are possible. If you love higher variance games that are simple, easy to follow but great to look at then Zodiac ticks all the right boxes.

* Presentation: 17 / 20 – The Zodiac slot may be a little old compared to some of the more recent Saucify Games releases but it remains one of the most eye-catching slots that the company have made. Blessed with great sound and beautiful visuals, the game is very easy to follow and its space setting makes for a very pleasing game to look at and play. The space-age look of the slot is a contract to the Zodiac theme but it does work very well.
* Game-play: 14 / 20 – The game play on the Zodiac slot is very simple to follow. Set your coin value, number of coins to play per line and the number of lines and then hit the spin button. The game is easy to follow and there are a nice mix of wins in the game. It is a relatively straightforward slot despite the space-age look and after a few spins you will be well versed in what the game has to offer.
* Bonus Features: 12 / 20 – It is fair to say that there are just the standard bonuses on the Zodiac slot. You essentially have a Free Spins bonus round and the Wild symbol and that is about it. Free Spins can be lucrative, as you would expect from a higher variance slot, and the Wild does lend itself to some important bigger value wins in the base game, especially with your chosen special Zodiac symbol. However, there are no other groundbreaking bonuses, which is a bit of a shame.
* Entertainment Factor: 14 / 20 – The Zodiac slot is good fun to play and it does have a lot of nice features. The base game offers a good mix of lower value wins and the occasional higher value win to keep you interested and Free Spins, while often rewarding, can also pay out smaller amounts, or even nothing at all. It is a game that does hold your interest well but another bonus or two would have made it even more engaging.
* Play Value: 10 / 20 – Zodiac is a high volatility slot and that means that unless you play it at a level where your bankroll can cope with lots of non-winning spins, your fortunes are not going to be that great! That is not a fault of the game, just a typical aspect of a higher variance slot. However, the really big value wins can turn a losing session into a profitable one in one spin or one trigger of the bonus round.
* Overall 67 / Zodiac has consistently been one of the most popular Saucify games for a good while now and it is easy to see why. It is higher variance, which means bigger wins when they hit, it looks and sounds superb and there is a degree of personalization in the game that makes it appealing to players. Wins can be very sizeable on the game, or very small to non-existent but that volatility is part of the appeal of the slot.

Good Luck!

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