Zodiac Slot Machine Play Now For Free Or Real Money

What our stars have in store for us isn’t just impacting on the mundane aspects of our lives like romance and career, but on finance as well, more acutely in the form of a real money slot machine. Roundstone International may not be well known to many in terms of the name, but their games are extremely well known for the way they look, and Zodiac Slot is no exception.

The zodiac is hugely ‘in’ right now, with bloggers and avid magazine readers clamoring to whatever the stars might have in store for us. Due to this trendy interest, we’ve become accustomed to the star signs looking a certain way, normally all serious and demure… well, not here. In this slot machine they’re cute and cuddly, floating about in the night’s sky.

Although we were taken aback by the aesthetics of Zodiac, what didn’t surprise us was the low variance gameplay, which is sadly where you’ll start to run into some problems; Roundstone International have a flare for not including many extras. There’s a gamble option, exclusive to the title, and a bonus spin and even a mini round, but that’s in; that’s not much when you think about it.

Navigating Cancer
The gamble factor included in this game is one of the most enjoyable features of the slot, and so naturally we wanted to discuss it first. Moreover, it’s easy to trigger, whereas the bonus round seems somewhat impossible to access, and we’ve been trying for several rounds now. Spoiler alert: the volatility is both low and hard at the same time.

When you’ve got the gamble option upon your grid, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of spins at best, you’ll be shown a black and white illustration of Cancer’s symbol; simply select either the top or bottom part of the image to reveal either a X or a x2 multiplier. When compared with Zombiezee Money and their gamble version, not a lot has changed except for the appearance, but the uniqueness of the option entertains us nonetheless. Although easy to activate, we didn’t get one successful gamble.

Learning Your Lines
A trait that seems very common in Roundstone International games is that you begin with a single active winline, and must turn on all of them if you’re to have a normal volatility level. We weren’t aware of this when we first loaded the title, and proceeded to become increasingly annoyed at our lack of wins. Despite a display indicating the number of winlines, having been used to starting with the full amount and then decreasing at will, we hadn’t thought to look there; a combination of our oversight and a poor design characteristic.

As many as 9 paylines doesn’t sound that large in the first place, but it’s better to have as many of them (if not all) if your budget will allow it, for the wins will roll in quite frequently when that happens.

Lucky Stars
You’ll be thanking your lucky stars during Zodiac Slot, once you’ve activated the bonus round. The pale blue star is your entry point to the feature, with a minimum of three matches needed to get the ball rolling. Not only will you experience a new side to the gameplay here, but you’ll be given a potential set of figures, with the top amount valued at 5,000 credits.

This is the most profitable of all the eight icons at play here, and so you’ll be wanting it to land in your lap more often than not, though remember that only three of a kind or above will get you the full package. If you get but two matches, the payout is a lukewarm 5 credits.

Hocus Pocus
Here’s the biggest issue with Zodiac Slot: it’s not different enough. The brand seems to have found a set way of creating games and stuck to it, with very little deviation from that path. Although this can be positive for some gamers, it’s undoubtedly a negative for the remaining, as the lack of innovation soon wears thin.

What is more, the wins and variety here aren’t anything worthy of note, leaving us to ask whether our star signs are as fortuitous as they’re meant to be…?