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The zodiac video slot has five virtual reels with themed images. At the start of the spin, the reels spin. After they are stopped, three characters will appear on the screen in each of the five columns.

The goal of the game is to get payouts for combinations of these elements and other ways that are covered below.

Wagering on the Zodiac Wheel is only allowed on five active lines. They are enabled by default. The customer can bet one, two, five, ten or twenty credits on each of them. A maximum of 100 in-game currency credits are accepted per spin.

The gameplay options available consist of basic images, special characters, a double risk game and four cumulative jackpots.

The main elements form combinations on the active lines. The same images should be side by side, starting with the first reel on the left. Only the longest chain on a single strip counts as a win.

To calculate the payout, the line bet is multiplied by the factor specified in the rules for that combination. It can be from x10 to x3000. See below for some exceptions. If multiple sequences are formed at different positions on the same back, the credits on those positions will be added together.

The customer can collect or risk the total profit per round in a doubling game. It is presented in the most common form. A closed map is displayed on the auxiliary screen. We have to guess their color. If successful, the payout is doubled. In case of a mistake, the player loses the amount at stake. It is possible to trade multiple times in a row, but there is a maximum limit. The most recently opened cards are displayed in a special line.

The theoretical return on the video slot is set at 96.45%. It is precisely this part of the customer’s total bet that he returns over a long period of play.

Zodiac Wheel Online Slot: Wild, Scatter symbols
A venerable astrologer, a fortune teller with a crystal ball, an old telescope, a device and letters meaning card values from jack to ace – these images are essential.

The wild symbols (zodiac signs) and two scatter types (book and starry sky map) are equipped with special possibilities. Let’s look at their properties.

Wild is only needed to replace other images other than the two scatters in combinations if needed. This is only possible if he is in a suitable position. Since it only appears on three middle reels, it does not bring any payouts per se.

Scatter (book) can be seen in all five columns. This symbol pays regardless of position, and the win amount is calculated using the total bet (three, twenty or one hundred).

Scatter (card) only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. If three of these images appear on the screen at the same time, the customer receives a payout of twenty bets for the draw.

Zodiac Wheel Bonus Games
There are no prize rounds in the Zodiac Wheel. It lacks both free spins and bonus games.

Users who take the risk of playing the slot machine with real money take part in the draw of four progressive jackpots. They are marked with card suits. Amounts are accrued independently from each other through deductions from stakes and played in a special round. It can be started in any of the spins.

When this phase begins, twelve face down cards appear on a separate screen. The customer must select them one by one in any order. As soon as he has collected three of the same color, he will be credited with the corresponding jackpot. Next, the normal process continues. The round is a win-win situation. Participation guarantees that one of these amounts will be received.

How to play the Zodiac Wheel? (Interface)
The game is fully Russified, including the reference section, paytable and all on-screen inscriptions. But some of our tips will be useful to inexperienced casino customers.

First, remember that you can spin the reels early. To do this, click the same button that you used to start it (the inscription will change).

If the spin was a win, you have to decide what to do with the money. You can pick them up or risk them in a game of doubles.

There are separate five buttons on the panel to select a bet. If you click on one of them, the spin starts immediately on that bet.

The paytable explains all the basic provisions of the rules. There are also odds for calculating winnings and some other information. The theoretical return, controls, jackpots and other aspects of the interface and gameplay can be found in the help section, which opens in a separate window.

You don’t need to download Zodiac Wheel slot machine. You can open it directly on the website in the browser.

Despite missing some of the usual gameplay features, the model is still quite interesting, so we recommend checking it out. Finally, it is a good opportunity for any user to track four jackpots by playing any size bet.

Where can I play Zodiac Wheel for free without registration?
Jetbull slot is available for practice and real play. It is allowed to open slot machines without registration in the demo.

Don’t forget to share your impressions of the model. Write reviews about Zodiac Wheel in the comments.

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